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IPG has signed an agreement with Geological Agency of Indonesia

8 Oct 2014 | 9 years ago

President of Institute of Petroleum and Geology (IPG) Mr. Hélio Casimiro Guterres, says that IPG has signed an agreement with Geological Agency of Indonesia to implement equivalent study to regulate and identify natural resources of Timor Leste border.

This year IPG and BGI established joint study in Oecusse to investigate available natural resources. The joint assessment study on natural resources agreement jointly IPG Timor-Leste and BGI sign in November, inform Mr. Hélio Casimiro Guterres to Journalist in Government Palace on Monday, (10/March).

In addition this is to served as a pilot program for Timor Leste and Indonesia to shows their good integrity to cooperate in regulate and identify natural resources in Timor Leste border for preventing misconduct in a future.
As ZEEMS has started, years passed IPG technical team conduct survey on natural resources in Oecusse, found several of natural resources such as metallic mineral for production of ceramics and tourism areas add Mr. Helio Casimirio.
Generally in Sakato and PantaiMakasar and around the areas, found two kinds of minerals in need to have details identification such for instance Citrine or Iron Sand added Mr. Helio Casimirio Guterres again.
Aimed at that purpose as the Timor-Leste Government Institution, IPG has started their identification particularly on Natural Resources.

Moreover Mr. Helio Casimirio Guterres also updates, this overall publication, for the national archive. IPG did not publish everything to prearrange the opportunity to all entity but if Government required IPG provide them information. Natural Resources are part of responsiveness dialogues exchange that critical.
In relation with technical aspect any news on natural resources are reasonable to updates but not for them perspective of constitutionally has the limitation, ending by President of IPG