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Request for Quotation Lab Equipment

22 Jul 2021 | 3 years ago

The Institúto do Petróleo e Geologia – Institúto Público (IPG) is public institution of the Government of Timor-Leste would like to announce the request for quotation (RFQ) as follows:

For detail information regarding each RFQ click on each entry;

  1. RFQ 004/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Sieve Shaker and Accessories.
  2. RFQ 005/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of 24-channel Seismograph.
  3. RFQ 006/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Portable Magnetometer.
  4. RFQ 007/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Geological Thin Section and Polish Surfaces Equipment.
  5. RFQ 008/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Geoscope Pro-mirror Stereoscope.
  6.  RFQ 009/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Grinding and Pressing.
  7. RFQ 010/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Frantz Type Magnetic Separator.
  8.  RFQ 011/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Electromagnetic in the Time Domain.
  9. RFQ 012/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of X-Ray Diffractometer.
  10.  RFQ 013/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Gamma Ray Spectrometer.
  11.  RFQ 014/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Wilfley Hydrogravitic Separation Table.
  12.  RFQ 015/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Multiparameters.
  13. RFQ 016/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Ground Penetration Radar (GPR).
  14.  RFQ 017/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Resistivity Meter Syscal Pro Switch 48.
  15.  RFQ 018/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Water Purification System.
  16.  RFQ 019/IPG-PROC/VII/2021 for Supply of Microscope.


The RFQ is available free-of-charge to any interested suppliers by sending a writing request by
e-mail after which PDF copy of the RFQ will be sent also by email or the interested suppliers
may download the PDF copy of the RFQ in the IPG website at


Interested suppliers may obtain further information from:
Ms. Theresia Ida S. Lebre
Interim Procurement Team Leader
Institúto do Petróleo e Geologia – Institúto Público (IPG)
Rua: Delta I, Aimutin, Comoro, Dili, Timor-Leste
Telf. (+670) 3310 179